Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Pigeon Man of Notre-Dame

For many years, Pierre would come from his home
to feed the pigeons at Notre-Dame.

"The relation between Mr. Pigeon and the 
white princess is unbelievable touching and sincere. 
His face, a captured moment of happiness, 
a moment of sincere connection...beautiful! "

To some he was crazy or creepy.

To others he was the kind and
mysterious friend of the pigeons.

Pierre has been photographed with his pigeons 
countless times by hundreds of people over the years.

"Pierre, the wings of love" by Merline
"People bring him leftovers. 
It is forbidden, but who cares? 
Some of them he has given a name, 
his wings of love. 
Such tenderness and complicity between them..."

"This man has a beautiful face, and in his eyes- 
and the eyes of the pigeons, too -
we see true affection and understanding." 

"Companionship" by Merline

"They are all retired and spend a lot of time here, 
in front of the Notre-Dame Cathedral, 
feeding and taking care of the birds.
It is also a way of making contact with other people."

"Portrait with pigeons" by ninaL
Many other people would come to feed the birds.

"She arrived on the square of Notre Dame where 
she seemed being well-known of the pigeons. 
I do not know how the brain of the birds functions
and how they recognize the person: in any case, 
they followed her immediately.....
She made me think of a grandmother
nourishing her grandchildren."

"Pure poetry... the look on his eyes, his smile... 
or is it a smile really... he loves the pigeons... 
but the pigeons love him more"

"His smiling revealed take us 
all the way to his soul where there is 
immense love for these flying creatures."

Pierre Pradeau came almost every day 
after his retirement to feed the birds, 
until he passed away on 
December 13th, 2009.

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